Housing Board flats can be booked if you pay just Rs.10,000

Housing Board flats can be booked if you pay just Rs.10,000

People will be quite happy to book flats on the website of Housing Board just by paying Rs.10000 online. On top of that, they will also be able to select the unit and block online.

LUCKNOW: UP Housing and Development Board (UPHDB) is coming up with an initiative for buyers to be able to select their apartment and block on the internet. The technology is helping the Board to display the map from which people can choose their choice of apartment. This is likely to happen in a week’s time.

The authorities have stated that the buyers will be a given a time period of 10 days roughly to check the status of the property, its stage of development etc., before going ahead with the sale. This will really encourage people. Additional housing commissioner Rudra Pratap Singh said,” Within 10 days or so, the buyer has to deposit registration charges upon which a provisional allotment letter will be issued. Previously, the process was really cumbersome whereby a buyer had to pay a portion of the property value for registering it. But now, the procedure has been relaxed for the benefit of people. As the procedures get simplified, the confidence level in buyers will start increasing.

The condition is such that if a booker does not like the location or the structure, he can opt out but, he won’t get the money back. A person may reconsider buying the apartment he chose but he will not be refunded the money. For fresh bookings, the person has to book online again, “said Singh. Under this online booking scheme, units that are unsold will be released first after which the ones under construction will follow. People can actually select their favourite choice like booking seats for a movie.

The same booking method will be introduced for new launches also. When there is a new launch, UPHDB will have the routine registration process so that people can pay and register names. Yet, if there are units remaining unsold, the authorities will give preference to those first. Currently, there are around 2600 vacant apartments in Lucknow and around 2500 apartments in Ghaziabad. 

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