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BUNIYAD is a thorough leader in retail and personal real estate ownership; we provide professional services for buying, selling, leasing and renting of commercial, industrial, institutional, retail and residential properties.

Corporate Leasing is another feather in the cap of Buniyad. We also provide assistance in documentation, investment advisory function and property valuation.

Established in the year 1989, it has now been more than two decades that Buniyad has stood like a pyramid, weathering all vagaries of time, and market tides. With a workforce of 250+ committed experts from every realm of the real estate industry, we have ensured that no aspect of customer service remains neglected. The team of professionals working with and at Buniyad are of top-quality for their expertise, reputation and understanding that excellent service is not an exception, but a standard.

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Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision And Mission

Our vision and mission are in sync with the dynamics of the real estate industry, taking the levels of customer satisfaction and deliverables to new dimensions. Under the guidance of Mr. Kamal Batra, Buniyad has crossed many milestones in earning customer confidence and serving them beyond their expectations. Having grown in strength and experience, Buniyad has developed a wide customer base across India. Our network is spread all over the country and we are pioneers of the business in Delhi and the NCR.


Mr. Kamal Batra

Mr Kamal



Mr. Kamal Batra is the Founder & Chairman of Buniyad Group. With an extensive experience of over 28 years in the real estate sector, he is the pillar of strength for the company's employees. With a vision to empower the sector and to bring about a change for development, he has been working hard towards setting new goals for the company and helping the Buniyad team work towards the same. Having held the leadership position for such a long time, Mr. Batra has been extremely valuable in the smooth functioning of the company's operations and providing guidance to the board members.
Mr. Abhi Batra

Mr Abhi



The young face of the company, Mr. Abhi Batra is the Director of Buniyad. Having studied at the Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, United States, he brings a unique set of dynamic ideas and concepts into our business. With years of experience in the real estate sector, he brings a fresh approach towards strategic planning and implementation. His obsession for perfection makes Mr. Abhi Batra's strong work ethics lead the company on the pathway to success.
Mr. Kamal Batra

Mr. Arun


VP - Residential

Mr. Arun Tiwari holds the post of HOD (Residential) in the company. An experience of 12 years has made him an expert when it comes to the residential sales and marketing. A post graduation in Economics followed by a degree in MBA has nurtured a highly spirited businessman and a skillful leader in him.
Mr. Abhi Batra

Mr. Deepak


Opr. Head

Mr. Deepak Phukhela brings more than 18 years of experience in managing the smooth functioning of operations, client relationship management and strategy planning. Having done B.Com at the graduate level, he has spent almost two decades in Buniyad Group helping the company development and progress to where it has come today.
Mr. Kamal Batra

Mr. Shobit


VP - Sales & Mktg.

Mr Shobhit Batra is the Vice President- Sales and Marketing of Buniyad Group and holds an experience of 10 years in sales and marketing of the real estate sector. Mr Shobhit has significantly contributed in the development process and estimation of projects through sincere efforts. With his tenure of a decade in Buniyad, he is an integral part of the group. He displays a "Never Stop" attitude towards work and along with his spick-and-span people management skills he manages to devise a very efficient team of professionals at Buniyad.
Mr. Abhi Batra

Mr. S


VP - Industrial

Mr. Subhasis Chakraborty is the HOD (Industrial and IT) and carries an experience of 12 years has skillfully planned and managed the industrial sales and marketing in the company. Having obtained a degree in B.Com, Subhasis further went on to pursue a post graduate diploma in Marketing Management where he learnt the ways of organizational behavior and marketing in a competitive environment.
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