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The proprietor of the website www.buniyad.com, Buniyad Real Estate Services, encourages users to read this page's content carefully. Your agreement with these policies and terms and compliance with it controls your access to and utilization of the services we provide (T&Cs). All website users, visitors, and people or organizations that are using Buniyad's services are subject to this. You consent to be legally bound by these T&Cs through using our website and services. You are prohibited from using our website and services if you disagree with any aspect of these T&Cs.

Our main function is to provide our customers best service while they go through the lengthy process of purchasing or selling their properties. We assist the buyers and sellers while they are searching for residential homes or industrial spaces. We guide our customers thoroughly about the intricate details of the negotiation procedure. Team Buniyad ensures that the marketing of properties is done adequately so that buyers can easily find our promising properties.

You may submit content, including word, videos, pictures, and personal information, using our website and services. For the submissions made, you bear the entire responsibility. Depending on the service you decide, Buniyad might decide to make some, all, or none of this information public.

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You can email us at info@buniyad.com with any issues you may have regarding these T&Cs.