Investment & Land Acquisition

How do we help people?

Our team Buniyad is always ready to assist our clients. To offer better client service we offer some of the following aspects;

1. Real estate acquisition

Obtain access to the top investing possibilities across all industries. Get complete research and help while viewing on- including off assets and portfolios in local and global markets.

2. Loan acquisition

Investigate buying loans and assets owned by real estate, and gain exposure to commercial financing. With a precise reimbursement calculation, you may secure the appropriate application, documents, and credit reports.

3. Investment services

For your next venture, consider both equity and debt financing throughout the payment of the purchase price. Availability for bridge loans, building loans, subordinated and favored equity offerings, and bureau funding.

4. Property management

Get the best return on your capital while providing your renters and consumers a fantastic experience.

5. Valuation of the property

Using the most recent economic data and statistics, accurately determine the worth of any asset. We can assist you in making the best company decisions by providing you with a comprehensive grasp of worth and free cash flow.

6. Sales & leaseback

Look for shareholder premises that are for auction and have the possibility of renting the extra space to the owner to ensure a predictable return on your capital.