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A dishonest transaction could wipe out all of your savings. Consult the top attorneys before making a property purchase. Receive complete help with your title verification, sale agreement, registration, and other needs. Ensure protection of your property by paying the most reasonable prices across all estate legal assistance.

-Agreement to sell

The purpose of registering the sales contract is to preserve the homeowner's rights before the registration of the sale contract between the two parties. A contract is signed by two individual parties where the deal to sell takes place on a future date. Furthermore, the future owner’s name on the transfer paper is also mentioned on the selling deeds. The necessary conditions relating to the sale of the property are mentioned on the deed. During the sell contract period, the buyer gains the right to sell the ownership in respect of any matter following the occurrence of a circumstance or the completion of a condition, not the property directly. According to the selling deed, the seller remains a constant property owner till the selling generates revenue or sale.

-Sale Deed

Buyers will get detailed documents that are required during the sale agreement. Moreover, proper drafting and editing before the final version of the sale agreement are prepared by the real estate lawyer for the sale deed. During the sale deed procedure, the seller will transfer the documents in the name of the buyer.

-Lease Deed

Such a contract can only be made if there is a lessor who can offer the property, a lessee who can accept the granting, and a thematic that may be granted. A formal agreement outlining each party's rights and responsibilities concerning a rented apartment, flat, or even other residential property that is held by the landlord and occupied by the tenant.

-Mortgage Deed

The title transaction will be undertaken to ensure the fulfillment of some commitment, like the transferor's payment of funds. Following the agreement, the grantee will return the property to the person who originally gave it to him.

-Release Deed

This act is just the implementation of a man's rights against the other or even of those who belong to righteousness. a deed-style document whereby a person with certain limited rights to real estate transfers those powers back to the property's owner.

-Relinquishment Deed

During this type of deed, the rationale for giving up ownership of real estate happens.

-Power of Attorney

It is an authorized document in a written format where the owner of the property appoints an individual to prosecute and function on his behalf.


The owner of the property makes an official statement in a written form where the declaration will state after his/her disposal the rights to deal with the property will be given to a particular individual. Usually, the function of the will starts after the death of the property owner.