Developer services

Owners, brokers, and other professionals choose Capital Growth Buniyad as their business partner for many reasons. Our partners can depend on our competence and expertise to help them reach their objectives and produce results time and time again. We provide an overall market analysis. While verifying that authorization and construction designs are approved by regional governments and local municipalities, our in-house engineering and design team may assist with formulating and producing site blueprints. Our experts can also help with investment and loan structuring.

Residential Sales and Lettings

For residential sales and lettings, buyers often face various challenges like economic crisis, political uncertainty, and high-interest rates. To avoid these issues, you can rely safely on our developer team for better assistance.

Research about Consultancy & Market

Market research is an essential component of the real estate industry. The developers pay special attention to the necessary data and information from various sources to understand the market trends. For instance, if you invest a certain amount in a project, how much it will be beneficial for you in the future will be easily estimated by our team.

Project Management

With proper synchronization, our developers work with the numerous components related to the projects. Starting from master designs to a detailed specification of the project- all activities are handled by our developer team.

Interior Design

Expect top-notch quality interior design from our developer team. We provide customized layout designs at an affordable range.

Property Management

The future of a developer hinges on their capacity to plan the completion of many linked tasks and deliver those events efficiently and on schedule. Property development is a diverse industry that includes tasks like building new houses, renovating or preserving older homes, and leasing out or purchasing residential properties. These efforts are coordinated by developers, who turn concepts on paper into priceless property investments.

Branding & Marketing

The growth of residential and industrial property has increased more with the help of digital marketing and AI tools. Our developer team has already started to develop the business ideas and portray them to the world with digital marketing tactics. It will help targeted buyers to find their homes at an affordable range.