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Delhi is India's heart. Have you wondered why? Because every Indian in his or her life dreams to own a house in India's capital.  Every youngster who starts working in Delhi, the capital of India, lives with the passion of getting his own flat or an apartment. The city is a perfect blend of different cultures and traditions. It also is equipped with all sorts of modern facilities. The rate of accommodation is not very high while opportunities are present in huge numbers in Delhi. It's not all. Delhi has a world-class metro service that caters to almost every corner of the city. In Delhi, you will seldom be required to walk as autos and e-rickshaws are in abundance and you can reach your doorstep very easily. In comparison to other Indian cities, the roads in Delhi are wider and less congested. You don't have to get stuck in a jam for hours while reaching the office and returning from there. The seamless metro connectivity and wider roads make your movement free and smooth. The medical facilities in Delhi are unmatchable in the entire sub-continent. Delhi also houses India's best schools and houses and hence, along with your bright present, you don't need to worry about your future as well. All these qualities have led to huge demands for flats in the city. But, you just don't need to bother as Buniyad has listed top flats for sale in Delhi. If you want to buy a residential apartment in Delhi, just go through the extensive list, we have prepared for you. Along with this, if you want to buy flats in Delhi, Buniyad is a one-stop solution for you. Our detailed study is aimed at bringing you closer to your dream. It has made buying flats in Delhi a lot easier and smoother. 


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