Institutional - PlotProperty ID - P-486113

₹32 Cr

Area - 600.0 SqYd., for Sale in Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi   Property Type - Institutional

Delhi, the capital of India and second most populous city in the country, offers great investment opportunity in real estate sector, especially if you are looking to build a strong property portfolio. With plethora of job opportunities, well developed infrastructure & public transportation system, and thousands of people migrating every day from rest of the country, Delhi has become a dream destination for real estate investors.
And if you choose the property carefully, you can easily double your profits in less than 5 years. And that’s where Buniyad comes in. Our real estate scouts ‘carefully’ handpick some of the best properties in the city, which are not only great places to live or work, but also have excellent resale/rental potential. Buniyad is also among the leading property valuers in the area, which ensures that its clients always get the best deal. Even if you are not looking at Delhi as a real estate investment opportunity but want to buy a home or office space for yourself, it is still a great investment opportunity. Should you decide to move on and sell, Buniyad is always there to help you score the top price for your owned property in Delhi.

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