Impact Of Grey Line Metro On Delhi NCR Real Estate

Impact Of Grey Line Metro On Delhi NCR Real Estate

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It has come to notice that the expansion work of Delhi metro is not stagnating at all and would be continuous. The constant development has managed to help people in having an easy travelling experience and covering long distances within few minutes. As the expansion is visible, two out of four routes are already operational. And they have around six lines spanning across the city. Apart from this, additional lines are under process for easy commuting. This has shown that Delhi Metro is working continuously towards the betterment of its residents and reducing their commuting time slot for sure.

As the 3rd and 4th phase of metro construction was untouched, the 3rd one has been in progress and would be called as Grey Line. Even, the official reports have stated that 90 percent of the construction work on Grey Line has been completed. Also, there has been constant security checks going on for the said metro line. With such a speedy development, Delhi Metro is all set to inaugurate its Grey Line in the month of September this year. The purpose of Grey Line Metro is to improve the connectivity in the South-West part of Delhi by linking Dwarka with Najafgarh.

This development has stated that there will be a drastic change in the prices of real estate properties in the areas of Najafgarh and Dwarka. Previously, the properties were lying untouched because of the absence of easy accessibility. Now that the metro development is progressing excessively, land prices are all set to boost. As of now, the price range is accumulated below Rs. 6000 per sqft. Since, the metro has been constantly in progress, there are a lot of chances that prices of real estate properties will shoot up. Indeed, some of the areas of Dwarka are already on Blue Line and have good rates of properties.

Apart from this, the Najafgarh has been lacking development and the property rates are not increasing too. As Grey Line Metro will be linking Dwarka and Najafgarh, the property rates are set to witness a boost in Najafgarh. Well, the properties lying unsold will see the daylight for sure because of the fact that people will have easy accessibility to the particular remote area. Earlier, Grey Line Metro was about to start in 2016; but, delay in land acquisition for development affected the overall development of the project. Undoubtedly, Delhi Metro has been witnessed as a perfect example of real estate industry’s development and Grey Line will give a boost to the Dwarka-Najafgarh real estate.


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