How To Check Documents To Avoid Property Fraud

                     How To Check Documents To Avoid Property Fraud


When it comes to the matter of buying a property, every step should be taken cautiously for avoiding frauds in any matter. And for this purpose, checking documents thoroughly with the support of a legal advisor is mandatory. Indeed, the purpose of taking assistance from an experienced legal advisor is to get every document methodically checked and the process of acquiring or buying a property might not get affected. There are certain documents that should be checked properly

  1 - Sale Deed:

It is the deed showcasing transfer or sale or property from the seller to buyer. Along with this, it should be registered methodically with the authorities and the property needs to have a clear title.

  2 - Mother Deed:

It is intended to trace the antecedent ownership of the property. Also, the need of document would be there at the time of selling your property in near future. There is a need to ensure that such deed needs to have a record of references to previous ownerships of the property.

  3 - Approval of Building’s Plan:

Taking approval of the building’s plan from Jurisdictional Commissioner is mandatory, which requires the owner to submit title deed, city survey sketch, latest tax receipts, foundation certificate, land-use certificate, property assessment extract, property PID number, sanctioned plans, and drawing of the property

  4 - Conversion Certificate:

The revenue authorities happen to issue a conversion certificate, which states about the change in the usage of land from agricultural to housing. A no-objection certificate (NOC) should be acquired from the Tehsildar's office for the completion of the conversion process.

  5 - Encumbrance Certificate:

The purpose of this document is to get the proof of the fact that property is on mortgage or not, title transfers and even legal issue against the property. This will help you in making the decision to buy that property or not.

  6 - Power of Attorney:

It is important for the person to check that power of attorney is registered or not. This document is mandatory to allow an individual to rent a property on owner’s behalf.\

  7- Tax Receipts:

This will enable a buyer to have clear idea as to tax related to the property are paid or not. There should be no dues at the time of buying a particular property.

  8 - Completion Certificate:

The purpose of attaining this certificate is that building of the property is developed in accordance with the rules and regulations set by municipal authorities

  9 - Occupancy Certificate:

The purpose of this certificate is that a particular property is ready for occupancy. When a person applies for it, authorities will inspect the property before giving the respective certificate.

With all the above-mentioned documents mandated to be checked, any buyer will be able to safeguard them from property frauds. It is all about awareness that can save a lot of money getting wasted in the fraud dealings.

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