Gr Noida unveils information about projects of Group Housing real estate

Gr Noida unveils information about projects of Group Housing real estate

The GNIDA officials have clearly stated that after repeated requests from the public of their inability to procure information on the real estate projects stemming up in Greater Noida, the authorities have accepted to make information online.

GREATER NOIDA: It has become the primary responsibility of Greater Noida to upload all the projects of Group Housing real estate on the website. The Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) on Thursday explicitly said that they have granted certificates to those projects that have been uploaded on the internet. In other words, “Completion certificates” granted to nearly 40 projects up to May 11, 2016 have been uploaded on the Authority's website at - Home owners can click on the respective link to know more on the subject.

According to GNIDA officials, this move has come at the right time to help the public after their monumental effort to procure information did not work in the right manner. "Complaints have started getting lodged by genuine buyers saying that the information on completion certificates that are getting issued by us is falsified”, said P.C. Gupta, Additional CEO GNIDA. He further added that many builders have gone to the extent of handing properties to buyers without issuing completion certificates for the same. Gupta said,” This is in complete violation of the law and we have issued a notice to this effect on May 12, 2016.

Mr.Gupta has stated in response to this situation that people have to consult the website before buying properties in Greater Noida or taking possession of properties. If any buyer wants to know whether any project is nearing completion or completed only partially or if proper certificates have been issued or not, the information on the website of GNIDA will clearly satisfy people’s requirement. The information is very keen that even the name of block and tower, with details of stages of development is there.

The surprising fact is that Greater Noida has about 200 certificates pending for various reasons out of which some are due to non payment of dues up to Rs.4000 Crores. So far, full completion certificates have been granted to 22 projects while 14 have been granted partial completion certificate. Furthermore, 4 projects have been granted occupancy certificates.

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