news: Delhi –Jewar Airport metro to be Operational by 2025

Delhi – Jewar Airport Metro To Be Operational By 2025

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It has come to general people’s notice that the metro line connecting to Delhi from Jewar Airport will be operational by the year 2025. Certainly, the route from Delhi to Jewar Airport passing through Knowledge Park 2 will comprise of 25 stations. Out of these 24 stations will be on elevated part and one will be underground for sure. On Tuesday, Delhi Metro gave a presentation to Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) and stated that the entire corridor will be 35.64km long. From this range, 32.27kms will be laid underground; while, the remaining one would be underground near forthcoming airport.

Taking note of the cost to be incurred in the development of the metro line, it is estimated at Rs. 7000 crores. Indeed, the government has said that the project is expected to get completed by March 2025 without much difficulty. Even, the publication citing officials have noted out that YEIDA suggested few changes in the proposal, involving a project completion deadline of 2023. Along with this, the YEIDA Authority has directed Delhi Metro Authority to keep a check over traffic viability in conjunction with techno- feasibility report of PWC. In this regard, the next meeting will be held on Friday between YEIDA, DMRC and PWC. After this, the revised plan will be sent to the government for approval.

DMRC’s general manager named BC Sharma and his team have given their preliminary draft report presentation on metro connectivity to Jewar from Aqua Line station near Knowledge Park 2. The report threw light on a 35.64km raised stretch having around 24 stations and a 3.37km underground route falling close to the forthcoming Jewar airport with one station. This statement was issued by Shailendra Bhatia to Times of India, who has been the additional CEO of YEIDA. On the other hand, the CEO of YEIDA named Arun Vir Singh has happened to command over the initiation of metro line’s development in sync with airport development.


According to him, completion of metro line in sync with the completion of airport line is compulsory. Indeed, they cannot keep the metro line’s work stretched to 2025. This will hamper the connectivity from Delhi to Jewar Airport. It is important that the metro connectivity should be complete by 2023, before the airport becomes functional. One can check out the fact that Jewar airport will be the largest one in India in terms of surface area. Also, the cost of the Jewar Airport’s development has been estimated to $ 3.1 billion. Of course, the airport project will be executed as a public-private partnership. Even, an aviation hub has been proposed to be constructed near the airport.


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