Connaught Place Moves Up In Ranking Of World's Costliest Office Locations


Connaught place has been considered as the most profitable platform to invest in commercial real estate. With it moving to one step higher in terms of being the most expensive locations, Connaught place has noted an annual rent of about 153 dollars per square feet. Taking a note of other expensive locations in India, Bandra Kurla Complex of Mumbai has slipped to 26th rank from 16th having an annual rent rate of about 96.51 dollars per square foot. Not just these; even, Nariman Point has gone down to 37th position from 30th rank with an annual rent of 73 dollars per square foot.

Talking about Connaught Place, it has been seeing continuous developments in terms of architecture with some or the other improvements done. And this has enabled varied brands to invest in commercial shops a Connaught Place. As the place has top most brands flaunting their collection and offering productive services, people are finding it to be a viable market. Indeed, the scenario is such that investors have found it to be a productive platform to gain exclusive attention for doing prolific business. It is the growing demand from technology, finance and e-commerce sectors that has ignited the occupancy costs in Connaught Place. In fact, commercial market has seen tremendous surge in the costs because of the constant developments adding to its popularity.

Even the surveys have brought to the notice that occupancy rates are constantly growing because of the modernization being adopted in creating impressive business places. On the other hand, global economic growth has enthused vigorous leasing activities in diverse sectors that led to the increase I occupancy rates. Despite of America’s slowdown era, the overall commercial sector has attained impressive growth. And in this regard, Connaught Place has also witnessed extensive rise. No matter it about renting commercial properties or investing in them, the investors can expect extensive business growth in near future. Moreover, there are no chances of demolitions because of the fact that every construction is as per approved construction plans.

Connaught Place has been Delhi’s central location with easy accessibility to major locations in other parts of Delhi. This factor has, also created opportunities for investors in acquiring profitable deals for a industrious business. So, investing in buying a commercial property at Connaught Place is the best option for companies or professionals willing to get the best of business opportunities. 

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