Amrapali is speeding up the process of delivery over the next 3 Month

Amrapali is speeding up the process of delivery over the next 3 Month

More than 40% of the apartments has been completed and handed over from Sapphire, silicon, Zodiac and Platinum. In a span of 3 months from now, according to a spokesperson, a significant number would be completed. 

We have handed over 40% of apartments in Sapphire, Silicon, Zodiac and Platinum. “In three months' time, we want to complete and hand over as many apartments as we can”, said a company spokesperson.

NOIDA: After the departure of cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the brand ambassador of Amrapali roughly about a month ago, the company is trying to salvage its image as much as possible.

Meanwhile, a meeting was held between the executives of Amrapali and Rama Raman, the chairman of Noida authority in which the company was specifically told to hand over apartments to buyers and clear the existing dues. In response to that, the company will complete more than 80% of the existing projects within the next 3 months and do a perfect handover. The remainder will be done by the end of this year.

A company spokesperson said,” We have requested the Noida authorities to help us with the unfinished inventory and provide us with completion certificates for us to hand over apartments on time. Meanwhile, we have already handed over apartments from sapphire, Zodiac, Silicon and Platinum. In the near future, we will try our best and complete as much as possible and give out houses. Buyers have started criticising the company for the delay caused so far and poor maintenance being carried out at its finished projects.

However, the spokesperson said, "The reason why we are unable to maintain our apartments is because the residents are not paying maintenance charges properly. We have also urged the Noida authority to issue completion certificates and keep our unsold inventories mortgaged.

However, the senior members of Credai have already ruled out the request made by Amrapali Group for mortgage of properties. Meanwhile, “there is a possibility to surrender the unused lands to the authority. Even so, how can we do valuation of the unfinished inventories and it is not that much feasible”, said the President Manoj Gaur of Credai-NCR.

Yet, people are still hopeful that an amicable solution would be found very soon since the Noida authority is involved in a full swing. 

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