85 Industrial Plots Recovered By Karnataka Government

The sizes of plots are huge recovered by the government of Karnataka, ranging from 4000 sq mts to 32 acres approximately.

Bengaluru: The Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board has taken serious actions against investors that have bought industrial plots and not put them to any use. These plots range between 4000 sq mts and 32 acres. notices have been issued to 400 such investors by the concerned authority.

Among the investments made there are 15 mega projects one of which is a steel plant. For the recovery made by the authorities, a sum equivalent to 95% of the total cost of the land has been paid off to the investors. 

To name a few, a 4,004 sq m plot (no. 163(B1)) allotted to Risikavya industries in Belur Industrial Area of Dharwad on September 1, 2004, has remained unused and was recovered. Another plot (no. 15), measuring 32.39 acres, allotted to Opto infrastructure in Mysuru industrial area has also been recovered.

The KIADB secretary said, "We had actually given enough time for the allottees to make use of the lands they have purchased. It was only after the deadline we issued notices to the buyers to justify their delay. The land area is so huge and the entire area has remained idle for many years which is a violation of allotment policy".

Mr. Pandey, the secretary said that most of these lands were acquired from the farmers and allotted to the industrialists in hopes that industries would be built and jobs given. On the contrary, many land parcels have remained unused for many years now. Even worse than that is the fact that many such lands were also used for commercial purposes. However, in about 30 cases or so, the land owners came up with genuine excuses for not doing anything on the lands purchased. These lands won’t be taken back by us.

The other cases are still under process according to N. Jayaram, who has taken over from Pandey.

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