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Connaught Place Moves Up In Ranking Of World's Costliest Office Locations   Connaught place has been considered as the most profitable platform to invest in commercial real estate. With it moving to one step higher in terms of being the most expensive locations, Connaught place has noted an annual rent of about 153 dollars per square feet. Taking a note of other expensive locations in India, Bandra Kurla Complex of Mumbai has slipped to 26th rank from 16th having an annual rent rate of ab... Read More
How To Get A Home Loan Even After It Gets Rejected Loan tends to assist investors in buying a property of their choice without ample amount of funds in place. Taking note of the home loan, it is an ideal option for investors willing to upgrade their living standards by purchasing their own home. Thinking as how to get a home loan even after it gets rejected? To avail a home loan, one needs to have mandatory documents and a good credit score. But, this does not land a guarantee of a loan appli... Read More
Future Of Reits In India And Its Impact On The Commercial Real Estate Sector Being a budding reality after government’s decision of exempting dividend distribution tax, the future of REITs in India and its impact on commercial real estate sector is conceptualized to be on the brighter side. Certainly stating, REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust) is entitled to assist developers in fabricating their viable assets by giving liquidity to commercial segment for magnetizing foreign and domes... Read More
March quarter not a promising one for the real estate sector Bengaluru: For the first quarter of 2016, top real estate companies are expected to announce muted profits compared as against the last year, due to decreased customer interest, irregular cash flow and weak sentiments. The real estate market in the National Capital Regions remains under great pressure while Mumbai seems to be picking up in residential sales only in a few select areas. Similarly, the demand for properties costing... Read More
April16 will see a hike of stamp duty by 2% in Noida and Gr Noida NOIDA: The will be a hike of 2% on the stamp duty in Noida and Greater Noida to come into effect anytime soon. The current 5% will be increased to 7% according to sources from the stamp and registration department. While the UP industries department has issued a notification to this effect, the stamp and registration department will also issue the same within this week. In another development, around 30,000 registries are seems ... Read More
The stock of Indiabulls surges by 9% after it made its new announcement NEW DELHI: There was a 9% surge in the shares of Indiabulls as of Thursday after the company announced that it then had a majority stake of 51.18% in a Singapore based business trust IPIT. Additionally, it also acquired 2.77 crore shares through its subsidiary company Grapene. In the aftermath of the announcement, the stock of Indiabulls surged nearly 8.65% hitting a high of Rs.73.5 on BSE. The stock was otherwise trading ... Read More
Pune & Mumbai will see a new development coming up from Raheja Corp In accordance with the new plan, Raheja Corp is coming up with two infotech parks with 6 million sq ft of space in Mumbai and Pune in the near future.   As a second largest developer in the country, the new proposition to build 6 million sq ft of office space will undoubtedly steer the business to new levels. The existing portfolio will gain more strength. In another development, a statement released by the Managing ... Read More
Amrapali is speeding up the process of delivery over the next 3 Month More than 40% of the apartments has been completed and handed over from Sapphire, silicon, Zodiac and Platinum. In a span of 3 months from now, according to a spokesperson, a significant number would be completed.  We have handed over 40% of apartments in Sapphire, Silicon, Zodiac and Platinum. “In three months' time, we want to complete and hand over as many apartments as we can”, said a company spokesperso... Read More
Gr Noida unveils information about projects of Group Housing real estate The GNIDA officials have clearly stated that after repeated requests from the public of their inability to procure information on the real estate projects stemming up in Greater Noida, the authorities have accepted to make information online. GREATER NOIDA: It has become the primary responsibility of Greater Noida to upload all the projects of Group Housing real estate on the website. The Greater Noida Industrial Developm... Read More
Housing Board flats can be booked if you pay just Rs.10,000 People will be quite happy to book flats on the website of Housing Board just by paying Rs.10000 online. On top of that, they will also be able to select the unit and block online. LUCKNOW: UP Housing and Development Board (UPHDB) is coming up with an initiative for buyers to be able to select their apartment and block on the internet. The technology is helping the Board to display the map from which people can choose their choice of ... Read More
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