No Home, No Votes: Noida Flat Buyers Pledge To Use NOTA Option In LS Elections

1With buyers getting frustrated on delayed possession of flats in which they have invested, a section of such investors from Noida and Greater Noida have opted to stay away from voting in 2019 elections. They have decided to make use of NOTA (None of the Above) options, which does not support any political party. The decision of launching such an action came from NEFOMA (Noida Extension Flat Owners and Members Association) in the wake of expressing their anger to the utmost. There has been a constant delay in the possession of flats in the area of Gautam Budh Nagar and this made buyers angry.

It has been noted that the anger of the investors will cost Uttar Pradesh’s Government around 22.5 Lakh votes. The reason behind the increased anger of the buyers is that they did not have the possession of flats, even after promises made by the Prime Minister. In this regard, even Yogi Adityanath created three ministerial committees for overlooking the matter. Even, they could not do anything progressive. Giving verdict in this regard, the NEFOMA President by the name of Annu Khan stated that buyers are really troubled with so much delay. According to them, there is no difference between the previous government authorities and the existing ones. No political party has come to the support of investors, who invested in the Rudra Projects at Greater Noida.

There has been use of NOTA in the year 2014 too at Gautam Budh Nagar. NOTA were presented for empowering the citizens to specify their condemnation for all contestants. Annu Khan has claimed that the possession issues of the flat buyers have remained same for the past 10 years. The authorities have taken their plea to political parties like the Samajwadi Party, the Bahujan Samaj Party and even BJP; but, no one has come to their rescue as such. Now that the elections are on the go, the elected representatives are just campaigning for the sake of votes.

Further to this, Annu Khan has claimed that NEFOMA was formed in the year 2010 and has an exquisite network of 20 to 25 thousand flat buyers. It, indirectly, links about one lakh people in Noida, Greater Noida and even Ghaziabad. Out of these, the frustrated home buyers have issues with builders like Amrapali, Unitech, Jaypee and some other smaller construction companies. This has been highlighted on the social media as well such as Facebook and Whatsapp. The decision of not supporting any political party in the elections of 2019 will clearly be a loss to the government.

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