5 Things To Know While Building a New Home In Delhi

Building a new home is “easier said than done”. Though it involves a lot of procedures, a meticulous approach would complete the process without any financial wastage. You need to carefully make your decisions and the make the builder execute them. Otherwise, you would not get what you want in reality. Your search for property in Delhi  ends here with Buniyad.com.

  1. Know your numbers:

It is nothing but knowing the details of construction, payment schedules, financial arrangements etc. When you have got a clear picture about these things, you can easily move forward and arrange for a bank loan.

2. Reputation of builder:

This is one important aspect that needs to be weighed carefully. You should make sure to go for a reputable builder so that you would not have any hassle in future. A tier 1 builder is always a better choice than the others with whom problems are more likely to develop.

3. Asses the resale value:

While you want to construct a house, keep in mind the re-sale value of the property. The house you construct should see a steady appreciation with the passage of time. Only then will you be able to sell it for profit when need be

4. Energy-efficient home:

Always think of building an energy-efficient home. Look for appliances that help in those lines. Directions are very important to blend the internal structure to them. You need to take a careful advice from experts. Also, develop plans to install the best HVAC systems so that you won’t have troubles in the long run

5. Punch list:

This is one important list that needs to be thoroughly checked when the project is nearing completing. It is nothing but the details as to what you have to do in the final stages of completion. Think this through with the help of a real estate expert to minimize expenses.

Things to know while building the house

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