5 Gifts That Your Sister Deserves This Raksha Bandhan

rakhsha bandhan

The time has come for every Indian brother to show his affection to their sisters, its Raksha Bandhan time! On this very special day, Rakhi, a sacred thread is tied on wrists of Brother by his Sister and for the same the sister will be showered by gifts. At current scenario where women safety is greatly in concern, the below are the list of gift that every girl, woman or sister deserve to get this Raksha Bandan.

Affection and Love

Every woman in this world deserves love and affection. When it comes to Sisters, they are really special. For many men, boys their sisters will be their first friend with whom they can share every single thing of their life. They feel their bondage is very strong. An occasion like Raksha Bandan is the time to show all the love and care that one feel for their sister. So pamper your beloved sister and make her feel proud and important this very own day and forever.

Respect Woman

Of rate, a lot of physical and sexual abuses are happening in our surroundings. This is very disturbing factor for one and all. Let us take oath this Raksha Bandan that, all women shall be respected. This is the best gift a brother can give to his sister. As he starts respecting his sister, the chances are bright that he will respect other sisters too!

Extend Encouragement

All that a girl need in recent days is motivation and support. As a brother it is a duty for one to motivate, support and stand besides his sister in her every walk of life. Assist your sister and make her dream come true, definitely she will make the family proud. Never snatch a dream of a girl!

Keep in Comfort Zone

There is nothing better for a sister than to have a friendly brother. In houses where brother-sister relationship is very strong, brother understands each and every problem a sister undergoes. He will make sure that all the fear of his sister has been taken care and she lives a comfortable life. This Raksha Bandan, make sure that sisters are kept at a good comfort zone and as a brother you care for her.

Promise Safety

The very own spirit of Raksha Bandan is brothers guaranteeing safety for their sisters. Take Oath this Rakhi to safeguard your own sister and your neighboring sisters. Never abuse a woman or keep quite when some other sister is getting abused. Our country, India deserves a label as “Safe for Women”, let us work towards that!

Every Raksha Bandhan will be a happy one if the above gifts are provided to our Sister. Raksha Bandan Wishes!!!

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