Safety Audit Has Become a Must For The Under-Construction Properties In Noida

Complaints have started pouring in from different directions with regards to the construction quality of builders in Noida and Greater Noida. The home buyers are very seriously concerned about their safety and demand that an audit be conducted on the under-construction properties in these regions. The concerned authorities have requests inundating their offices regularly.

Indrish Gupta, co-founder, Nefowa, said, "Now that the concerns of people are increasing day by day, the authorities must start setting procedures for testing the quality of materials used in construction and the safety measures being followed. Moreover, the realtors cannot ignore the fact that it is a bit close to Yamuna and clearly falls under the Seismic Zone 4".

Meanwhile, the buyers have also raised concerns over a proposed increase of density in per-person-per-hectare (ppph) occupancy permissible for Noida and Greater Noida to 1650 in NCR Planning Board’s, draft Master Plan 2031. The existing ppph of the city is 500.

The home buyers are already in a fight with the Noida authority that even though the increased population may lead to the increase in the number of houses, the civic status of the city would be compromised. People are already approaching the industry minister Satish Mahana and MLA Pankaj Singh.

From a 500 ppph density as per the Masterplan 2021, there's a jump to 1650 ppph in the Masterplan 2031. We had opposed this move in a meeting with Noida Authority officials in January 2017. Since Noida falls under the Seismic zone 4, it will definitely be a disaster if the number of apartments keeps increasing, according to Shailender Barnwal, a homebuyer and a Nefowa member.

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