Jaipur Devpt Body Has Put On Hold The Golf Course Project In Achrol

JAIPUR : The Jaipur Development Authority has clearly decided not to pursue its golf course project to be developed on 592 bigah land in Achrol village. The present market condition is not much conducive to such ideas being implementd. JDA’s finance wing has blatantly refused to go ahead with this mega project as it sees a slump in the realty sector. Moreover, the management feels that no private player is very keen on developing such projects and it would only take a meaningless bite on the finance of the company.

Even though this mega project has been stalled by the JDA officials for a while, some of them have actually opined that tenders could be invited yet, the finance wing did not seem comfortable with that idea. The project itself as JDA management feels is capital intensive and expecting investors to invest would not be a feasible idea at this juncture. Early on, the tenders for this particular project had been invited twice.

The project includes a 18-holes golf course of international standards, residential scheme, exhibition centre, a convention centre and a hotel. According to official sources, JDA decided to provide the developer with more land space in the aftermath of cancellation of the project to generate more revenue but, that too was considered a failed attempt. The consultant that prepared the entire project report for this project said,"Earlier, JDA had decided to lease out the entire golf course for sixty years".

However, an official informed that the government was expecting to earn around Rs. 10 crore from this project. But, when JDA invited tenders for the second time, the one-time instalment came down by Rs. 100 crore from nearly Rs. 250 crore. The monthly rental also came down by Rs 7.5 crore from Rs 12.5 crore. In relation to all these, JDA decided to forego with a 3 star hotel which the developer was going to construct. Later on, the plan got changed and the land pertaining to that has been offered for residential purposes.

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